Startling Innovations in the smartphone industry ruling 2018

Is the smartphone industry stagnant or evolving? With an overwhelming number of smartphones being launched these days, the users find it hard to choose from similar features and design. The phones change but the usage more or less remains the same.

Just as the trend bar changes every now and then, smartphone manufacturers make innovative changes to the models keeping up with the pace and demand. Some extraordinary innovations have marked this year too. Following are a few tremendous innovations in the smartphone industry that have been witnessed this year.

Major innovations in the Smartphone Industry

Fast charging innovation

Keeping your phone charged is a constant hassle and we can’t dig in the fastest remedy for this problem unless we make the chore less onerous with a phone that has better-charging technology. This productive innovation in fast charging smartphones has now met our dire need of a fast charge.

Companies like OPPO and One Plus have created technologies designed to charge a phone completely just with a charge time of just an hour. With 3500 mAh battery capacity and revolutionary VOOC built-in technology, we can instantly charge our phones without any hassle and go outside just after half an hour to grab a cup of coffee.

The Notch Goes Mainstream

The advantage of the full stripe is a cleaner look. The downside is the wasted bezel space and the loss of display space. The advantage of the notch or edge-to-edge display is the ability to preserve the display space on either side.

Pioneering in the notch phones, Andy Rubin’s essential led the innovation and subsequently, Apple followed that trend. However, the Android smartphone brands ruled out this even with a smaller notch this year. The notch innovation amongst the smartphone manufactures goes hand in hand without losing its quality standards. We have seen numerous brands like OPPO, Samsung, and Huawei which have topped the chart of the most stylish notch phones of the year. The unique water drop notch of OPPO F9 had conquered millions of hearts along with its striking gradient glossy colors.

Pop-Up Camera, Smart innovation for Smart Users

Different trends have been introduced in the smartphones and one of the classics of all is the ‘POP-Up Camera’ or ‘Motorized Camera’ by few smartphone manufacturers like OPPO and Vivo in 2018. OPPO unveiled this innovation in its premium flagship ‘Find X’ while Vivo introduced it in its special edition ‘Nex’ in collaboration with Fifa world cup this year.

The most interesting aspect of these phones is its camera system, which is completely hidden when the phone is off or the camera app is closed. When you turn on the camera app, the camera reveals swiftly on the top section of the phone and it just takes 0.5 seconds to pop-up.

Gradient Glossy Colors

Speaking of fact that phone colors are often just so incredibly dull overlaid in black, white, silver and grey in both gloss and matte. However, the smartphone manufacturers have put extra efforts to introduce something out of the box to catch everyone’s attention.

In 2018, we’ve witnessed some excitement in taking colors seriously for smartphones to switch from old custom colors to eye fascinating unique looking colors. The new trend has emerged and we have started seeing more and more phones boasting a distinctive dual tone gradient on the back. OPPO F9 captured the attention of millions for its unique gradient colors e.g. Sunrise Red and Twightlight blue and later Huawei Nova 3 and 3i showed up with its famous Iris purple edition.

There is almost no limit to what you can do with a smartphone these days. From using the phone to map out a journey through the GPS tracker, or checking on the calorie count to maintain your fitness schedule, or even accessing a home computer when you are away, the smartphone is the ultimate solution to all.

The latest VOOC technology is the cherry on top enabling users to do all of this and more with no worries of the long wait to charge your device. There are endless possibilities that come along with owning a smartphone that continues to stun us every day. Explore the options and add another wonder to make your life a bit more hassle-free.

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