Spain unveils assets of top ministers in transparency bid

MADRID – The Spanish government unveiled the assets of more than a thousand high-level officials including 38 current and former ministers on Saturday in a bid to increase transparency in the government.

The list, published in the official gazette, included three millionaire ministers in the Spanish cabinet.

Topping the list was the foreign minister Josep Borrell, who declared wealth of €2.77 million ($3.22 million). He was followed by the education minister and government spokeswoman, Isabel Celaa with a reported wealth of €1.62 million.

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María Isabel Celaa, Minister of Education and Vocational Training said this government is really moving forward on the path of transparency, which it believes is the only way to advance in democracy.

Another millionaire minister on the list was former astronaut and science minister Pedro Duque with about €1.5 million in assets. Duque is accused of not paying some taxes on his two homes.

The ministers have denied wrongdoings.


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