‘Sky walk’: World’s longest glass U-shaped glass bridge opens in China

BEIJING – The world’s longest glass circular bridge in Fuxi Shan tourist attraction has opened to the public after eight months’ construction in Xinmi city, Central China”s Henan province.

Aptly named Yuanduan, which means “at the end of the clouds”, the horseshoe-shaped glass walkway in Chongqing extends 87.5ft from the edge of a cliff, allowing visitors to feel as though they are walking on air with the valley floor 2,350ft below their feet.

The 360 meters high bridge in the air will provide visitors an exciting experience of ‘sky walk’.

Only 30 tourists will be allowed on the bridge at a time.

With jaw-dropping panoramic views from its observation deck, it is the longest cantilever bridge in the world, beating Arizona’s Grand Canyon Skywalk – which is claimed to be the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ – by 16.4ft.

It is located in the Longgang National Geological Park in south-west China.

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