Pakistan’s Bilal wins Asian Tour 10 Red Snooker Championship

DOHA – Pakistan’s Muhammad Bilal has won Asian Tour 10-Red snooker championship beating Brendan O’ Donghue of Ireland by 6-1 frames in the final in Doha, the Radio Pakistan reported on Sunday.

Bilal, who has never played professional snooker before had a rather easy day on the table as he brought O’Donoghue down 6-1, taking the first frame 46-42 with a break of 46, only losing the second frame 36-48, but then finding the focus to bring down his Irish opponent in the best-of-11 frame final.

He walked past his opponent collecting the remaining frames 47-1 with a break of 46, 67-01 with a break of 42, 54-23, 55-0 with a break of 55 and 59-04 with his break of 42 to win the final.

Bilal also bagged $12,000 as the winner.

This was the first time the Asian Confederation of Billiards and Snooker (ACBS) have organised the tour which had the former professional players.

Pakistan had three players in the tour: Haris Tahir, Bilal and Babar Masih.

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